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Hand Carved Timber Signs by Peter Magyary

Some of our Recent Hand Carved Timber Signs

Coming soon. We are working on a few new signs, and more details will be made available here as soon as they are finished. In the meantime you can see our earlier signs in our main slideshow.

Please note that wherever possible we use local recycled hardwood for our signs, as much for their unique texture, look, feel and finish as the joy of doing something for the planet!


What We Do

Hand Carved and Finished Timber Signs



I can supply the timber of your choice ( if available in my area!) though I do recommend using a native hardwood species for outdoor signage or else you can send me your own chosen piece of lumber and I will be happy to work on that.

I can carve any font, symbol and logo that you wish to display on your sign.

Before I start cutting into the work I print out a template with the exact message, dimensions and spacings which I present to you for the final okay.

Unique Hand Carved Wooden Sculptures

Unique hand carved sculptures

Coming soon.

What We Don’t Do

No Laser Cutters or Routers used at any time. Why not? Machine carving is about expediency.

Hand carving is about the personalisation, working with the wood directly by feeling it with ones hands and fingertips and listening to the tapping of the mallet as well as how the carving gouge cuts into the timber, as opposed to hearing the sound of a machine.

For me it’s really about the attention to detail and the care and preservation of this ancient craft.

Some of our recent hand carved wooden sculptures

Some kind words from previous delighted customers


“The sign was hand carved, with love.  The sign is the gateway to the building”.

Michael Eller

Principal, Kempsey High School


“Very happy with how the sign ended up, can only recommend his great handiwork”.

Lindy Brown

Manager, Lindesfarne Alpacas

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