I, Peter Magyary, was born in Malvern – Victoria, Australia.

My formative years were spent on the island of Bahrain and then was educated in Switzerland. Upon my return to Australia I completed an apprenticeship in furniture making, which led to a career in period furniture making, and then antique furniture restoration.

In Melbourne I had the great fortune to be taught wood carving and sculpting by master carver Wally Wood.

I incorporate my carving and sculpting into selected bespoke furniture.

I currently live and work on the Mid North Coast of NSW – Australia.


Artist Statement

Working in wood I see my efforts as a hand carver to make bespoke personalised signage for my clients that shows a human component in the finished work, unlike laser cut and machine routed signs.

A lot of who I am goes into each individual piece which ultimately is a marriage of the serene environment I work in and the music I listen to whilst carving.

Having travelled the world as well as having lived on three different continents has made me an adversary to mediocrity.

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