Learn How to Stain Wood Correctly

The process of staining wood is tricky. The stain can be absorbed into the wood in a way that is undesirable and uneven. When the oil stain that is applied is too thick, then it will not dry correctly and it becomes tacky.

The fine dust, which is left from the sanding process, creates a bumpy stain finish. Therefore, you will need to learn how to stain wood correctly. These are the steps that you can follow and use in staining wood correctly.

Step 1: Wood Preparation

The first and most important step is to sand and then clean the wood. If there was a previous coating in the wood which you want to stain, then sanding will remove this coating. When you sand, you will also be opening the grain of the wood. This will make it easier for the wood stain to penetrate the surface of the wood. The wood will be better stained if you do this.


Step 2: Wood Stain Application

Here are the best ways to stain wood that you will use in applying the wood stain;

1.) The stain should be stirred thoroughly before it is used, and also when you are using the stain make sure you stir it occasionally. This is to avoid the heavier pigment particles from sinking to the bottom.

2.) The wood stain should be applied liberally using a quality brush or you can use a soft cloth. You can also use staining pads, they are usually sold where the wood stains are sold. The staining pads are good because you can easily control the amount of stain you will apply to the wood.

3.) The excess stain should be removed. The stain sitting on the surface of the wood should be wiped out. Then use a soft cloth when rubbing the pigment into the wood, and the motion should be circular.

4.) Lastly, wipe the wood in the wood grain’s direction. This is done to make sure that there is uniformity on the surface. If you want the stain color to be deeper then repeat the whole process until you get the results that you want.

Step 3: Newly Stained Wood should be Protected

The best way to stain wood is by protecting the wood which you have stained.

1.) The newly stained wood should be protected from scratches, spills and damage by the ultraviolet light. This is done by covering the stain using topcoat that is very clear.


2.) The topcoat which you will use should be polyurethane and the sheen should be high gloss, semi-gloss or satin. You can choose the sheen that you like.

Before you use them, stir them first. The polyurethane should not be shaken and this is because when it is shaken air bubbles are created and your finish will be ruined if this happens.



3.) When applying polyurethane, the brush you will use should be of high quality and it should be applied in the wood grain’s direction.

4.) If you want to use several coats, then before you apply another coat make sure the last finish is completely dry.

These are the best steps that you can use when you want to stain wood. These how to stain wood steps will help you in staining wood correctly. You should first clean the surface of the wood and then apply the coat. Finally, apply a coating to protect the stained surface.

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